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Jehovah-jireh -- The LORD Who Provides…HE KEEPS HIS PROMISES!

October 2nd 2015

After attending the Constitutional Coalitions Educational Policy Council conference in January, I took their challenge to read through the Bible in 2015.  So, I am confident this will be an especially blessed year as I journey through ‘His story

One theme I am again amazed to trace along the path of Israels wanderings, is that of Gods Hand of protection, provision, and guidance that repeatedly points us, the readers, to Christ and that paints the backdrop for the underlying promises to His people.

After God brings Noah and his family safely through the worldwide flood and back on to dry land, He confirms His promise to protect Noah’s family and extends a promise to Noah’s descendants  to never destroy the whole world again by water in Genesis 9:9-17.  God began again with Noah’s family just like He gives us each a new beginning after our past sins and failures—He starts over with us when we are made new in Christ!

We serve a God who keeps His promises and takes care of His people.  This marvelous message of hope can bring life and light to the young women (and men) who enter the Life Choice Center, feeling hopeless and abandoned.  Please pray for our clients and for each volunteer and staff member who takes the opportunity to tell of Jehovah-jireh, The LORD Who Provides--at just the right time and even through the darkest circumstances.