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Pro Life: To Be or Not To Be

June 5th 2015

My husband and I recently spent the better part of two weeks in Arizona caring for a couple of our grandchildren while their parents were out of the country.  One of their favorite things to do was to read stories…and to tell them and to reenact them.  Invariably, we “started at the very beginning” of each story.  And this is how our Father begins to tell us His Story…which is also our story…and the reason why it matters…

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The Earn While You Learn Program

May 5th 2015

In the last blog, we introduced to you our fantastic educational program, Earn While You Learn, which is a major part of Life Choice Center’s provided services. Today, I’d like to take a minute to explain to you what a typical session is like. Each class is in an individual setting and starts out with a 20-30 minute video with a coordinating worksheet. One of the personal advocates will then come in and review the worksheet and assign an additional worksheet for homework, which is returned the following visit.

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How Lessons Can Impact Lives Generationally

April 21st 2015

Due to the fracturing of the family unit, we have found that there is a need for parenting and life skills classes.  Here at Life Choice Center we have an amazing program called Earn While You Learn.  It is changing the lives of many of the individuals and families we serve. Our classes help offer both hope and help to those who need it most.  This program has increased the number of visits to the center and has led to many lives being changed. And it has helped those very same women who choose life for their babies to learn, grow, and understand how to be good parents to their children.

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Planting Seeds

February 6th 2015

Many of the girls who come to our center will mark on the intake sheet that they are Christians, but clearly, they are “missing the mark” as the counseling session progresses and the definition of their faith is revealed. Personally, I have heard these “Christian” girls describe their beliefs in many ways: anything from reincarnation to believing a light pole will save you if that’s your “truth.” The clarification of what it means to be a Christian becomes very necessary and presents many challenges. However, it is this explanation that we all agree is of upmost importance. So, as the Holy Spirit leads, the counselors gently explain the Christian faith in the simplest of terms. Sometimes we are “watering” the soil of a heart that has been exposed to the true gospel of our Lord Jesus, but most of the time we are “planting seeds”  for those who have misconceptions and/or little knowledge of what it really means to be a Christian.

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