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Prenatal Clinic

Since 2003, our center has contracted with Goppert-Trinity Family Care to provide on-site prenatal care on Monday afternoons beginning at 2 pm. Dr. Tieman, Dr. Micher and Dr. Stefanovic see patients starting at any point in their pregnancy through delivery and the postpartum check-up. Unlike other providers, they have agreed to see patients without their Medicaid effective, as long as they have applied.  This allows our clients to access necessary prenatal care services and monitoring at a much earlier point.  Also, unlike many other providers, our clients are not turned away from medical care because they have entered into care “too late”, which is often the case as a result of delays in the Medicaid system since January 2014. Our physicians work to provide the best level of care and education that is tailored to be easily understood by our clients. Medicaid, self-pay, and private insurance is accepted.